Pioneer Benefits

Showing gratitude to our Pioneer Generation, we are providing special TCM healthcare treatment rates to allow them to remain healthy and stay strong.

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Have you ever experienced the frustrating and disheartening moment of being abruptly brought to a halt right in the midst …

Being a mum is not easy, especially when dealing with a cranky child who is falling sick or has recurring bouts of runny nose or fever. Sometimes, it can be “nerve-wracking” whenever you need to battle with your child to feed medicine every time. Why not try a holistic approach such as TCM Paediatric Tui Na? TCM studies have found that Paediatric Tui Na could be a good alternative that’s not invasive and effective to speed up recovery and build immunity for your child.

Don’t allow shoulder pain to limit your mobility and impact your quality of life. A significant portion of your day …

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