Is your body experiencing constant pain?

Musculoskeletal pain can be incredibly frustrating and can make even simple tasks seem impossible. It can be difficult to focus on work, enjoy activities, or even get a good night’s sleep when you’re dealing with constant pain.

By addressing the root cause of the pain and providing targeted treatment plan, Tui Na Massage can help alleviate pain, improve your quality of life and nurse you back to health.

Targeted Tui Na Massage Treatment

Effective on these Common Conditions

Complimentary TCM Consultation

Tui Na Massage can help reduce pain and inflammation, promote relaxation and stress reduction, and increase range of motion and flexibility. By manipulating the soft tissues in the body, massage can help to increase blood flow and release muscle tension and knots that may be contributing to pain. Additionally, massage therapy can help improve posture and alignment, which can reduce the risk of future injuries.

*Terms and conditions apply
*Not applicable on weekends and public holidays
*Advance booking required

Benefit of Treatment Tui Na Massage

Increase range of motion and reflexibility

TCM Treatment Process

TCM Consultation

Assess the your symptoms and overall health to determine any imbalances that may be contributing to their pain.

Treatment Plan

Various combination of treatment plans will be communicated to you on how your condition can be treated to address the root cause of the pain and promote healing.

You can communicate with our TCM Physician on how comfortable you are receiving the recommended treatment plan.

Receive Treatment

Being treated with Tui Na Massage and other TCM Treatment recommended by our TCM Physician. 

Follow Up Treatment

Receive self-care instructions and tips such as physical care tips and dietary recommendation from our TCM Physician. 

Hear from Auntie Lee

What makes wrapping Bak Zhang challenging? Auntie Lee shares some of her pain points that is a testimony of her labor of love, continuing her family tradition since 1940’s, as she works through long hours of sitting and repeated movement from preparing the Bak Zhang. 

Find out how a trip to Chien Chi Tow have helped her with her persistent pain issue. 🔴

What our customers has to say

MabelGoogle Review
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Dr Liu (刘医生)is an extremely experienced TCM doctor, who always goes the extra mile to ensure that his patients are well treated. He demonstrates a high level of professionalism, and will always make the extra effort to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate treatment and medication. Definitely a highly recommended TCM physician
Phyoe Lynn
Phyoe LynnGoogle Review
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This TCM is very professional with their service. I had an issue with a lock jaw and went over there for treatment. It was very painful experience but it works. Dr Quek examined me and suggested types of massages around my neck, cheek and back. I also had acupuncture on my neck and back. Cliff helped with the massage for nearly 45 mins. I immediately felt a bit better after the visit and recovered within 4 days.
Fei Fei Li
Fei Fei LiGoogle Review
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I've developed very serious frozen shoulder condition 6 months back, had been too orthopedic and 5 sessions of physiotherapy, the condition become worse. Decided to try Tuina at this branch. thanks to 刘医师 and all the 推拿师 who've been helped me, my condition improved rapidly after the 6 visits only. Highly recommended!
Gerry Choo
Gerry ChooGoogle Review
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I have visited to Chien Chi Tow at Eunos branch for the past 2 months. Each time I went for my tennis elbow treatment, there is also slight improvement. I am also very delighted with the experience at their branch as everyone are so friendly and make me feel very welcomed. Thank you very much!
Shihui Khee
Shihui KheeGoogle Review
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Dr. Teo Choon Mei was very detailed and careful, and I really appreciated her thoughtful line of questions when trying to make her diagnosis. She’s also helpfully explained the tendon inflammation diagnosis and what to do at home to help it improve. She can speak some English, so non-Chinese speakers don’t have to feel worried about not being able to communicate. Her acupuncture is swift and precise, very amazing!
Annabel Lam
Annabel LamGoogle Review
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The Chinese Doctors and massagers are so professional. They helped me to release my body stiffness especially my shoulders and back. The price is very reasonable. I will come every two weeks now.
Jason Tan
Jason TanGoogle Review
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1st visit to Jurong East outlet and met the infamous Fa Ge.. his skill is excellent and able to relieve the pain from my sprained ankle. Most importantly they are not pushing you to sign package or hard selling any products.
Cherlyn Leng
Cherlyn LengGoogle Review
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Have visited Chien Chi Tow AMK for more than a decade now, mostly for my sports injury treatment. The staff and the therapists are great in what they do, and I always feel better after a visit. Would like to specially thank Dr Tran for treating me for the past few years for all of my issues and I always feel better after tuina and acupuncture done by him. His technique and precision were so good that the acupuncture he's done on me were painless on the skin level, and also very effective. Dr Tran is also very approachable and friendly!

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