Our Approach to TCM – Alleviate Aching Arms

E-Sports and gaming is on the rise and now more than ever we are spending many hours in front of our gaming consoles. However, in doing so, we may also unknowingly subject our arms to various types of pains and aches.

While highly immersive, gaming is also a time-sink where one can get so immersed, they lose track of time and are also unaware of how their posture or ergonomics have changed. This extends beyond your seating posture and includes your arms as well.

As you repeatedly perform the same movements on your controller, you run the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tennis Elbow.

Carpal tunnel is due to the palmar wrist being pressed on the table top for prolonged periods of time resulting in compression of the nerves and blood vessels.

Tennis elbow is caused by repeated clicking of the mouse.


In between matches and during loading screens, take the opportunity to get in a few simple stretches so that your arm muscles will be ready for the next round.

  • Change to an ergonomic mouse,
  • Wrist flexor stretch

Knocking on your muscles first before doing the stretch can be helpful as well


Through the use of Tui Na, our TCM Physicians help alleviate the pain from your arms and keep you performing at the top of your game!

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