Ruby Bird’s Nest

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Natural goodness of superior grade Ruby Bird’s Nest to help enhance the body’s immune system. Contains high mineral and protein as a building block for cell regeneration.

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Ruby Bird’s Nest is a quality product that uses only the finest ingredients. Each bottle is filled with all the natural goodness of superior grade Ruby Bird’s Nest (which boasts of high mineral and nutritional values). Ruby Bird’s Nest is rich in colour because of its mineral contents. They are very important to your health. For example, the iron content is essential for red blood cells formation. The protein in bird’s nest is also an important building block for cell regeneration. Each bottles offers a higher concentration of the bird’s nest, and is also full of the strip form of the bird’s nest.

This then provides for excellent taste, texture and value to you as our valued customer. This is a completely natural product with no preservatives, colorings or stabilisers.


75ml, 150ml


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