Pre/Post Natal Massage

Pre Natal Massage

Pre Natal Massage 60mins....................$83.45

With only a session of Pre Natal massage per week, mothers to be will feel less stressful and more relaxed. It can also help in reducing cramps, swelling in the legs and body aches, therefore promoting a more restful night sleep and prevent pregnancy related insomnia. There are many benefits and is very common today to see more pregnant ladies going for Pre Natal massages as it does not only improve your soon to be baby’s health, it also reduces the risk of complications.

Be assured that our teams of experienced female masseurs are trained to help you promote your overall wellness. We would recommend after the 2nd Trimester (preferably at 5mths) to start your weekly sessions with us.

Post Natal Massage

Post Natal Massage 60mins....................$96.30

Post Natal Massage 90mins....................$144.45

(60mins Post Natal Massage)


Inclusive of GST

7 days


10 days


14 days


(90mins Post Natal Massage


Inclusive of  GST

7 days

$ 973.70

10 days


14 days


With a team of experienced and well trained therapists, we tailor personal post natal treatments and massages to help you gain a quicker recovery and better health.

There are many benefits yielded from post natal massages and it is very important to regulate our hormonal cycle after delivery. Our specific TCM meridian post natal massages techniques will target on balancing hormonal levels to pre pregnancy and help restore our health to the optimal.

Services include:

- Lactation/Breast Massage to improve breastfeeding milk flow, clearing engorgement and blocked ducts problems.

- Tummy Massage to encourage uterine contraction. flow of lochia and slimming benefits.

Complimentary items:

- Lemongrass essential oils

Commencement of services:

Natural Birth: 5 days after the delivery
C-section: 4 weeks after the delivery

For transport charges, an additional fee of $32.10 is chargeable per trip.

Advance payment of $200 for deposit before EDD by cash or cheque. Deposit paid is not refundable.