Common Conditions


Why am I suffering from neck ache?

The main causes are improper posture, prolonged strain, rheumatism and external injuries. This results in muscular tension, clumping and inflammation.

What are the consequences if it’s left untreated?

There can be degeneration of the spine, and prolapse of the intervertebral discs. This can cause impingement of the blood vessels or nerves. This may result in headaches, deterioration of vision, numbness of hands and atrophy of muscles.

How can I prevent neck problems?

Maintain a proper posture and exercise regularly. We also have specialists who will be glad to be of service to you. They will help in getting to an accurate diagnosis and providing Tui Na to relieve your neck ailment.


Why do I have shoulder pains?

Injuries, rheumatism and liver problems can cause shoulder problems.

What is it that the Chinese call “Fifty Shoulder”?

This refers to a shoulder problem that people above 50 years old are prone to have. This is because their shoulder activity is less, they are more prone to rheumatism, and they may have liver problems.

How can I prevent the “Fifty shoulder” problem?

Regular exercise helps. The distinctive characteristic of “Fifty Shoulder” is that while it is often self-limiting, it is also easily re-activated or aggravated. The key to its prevention is in rehabilitation. We have specialists who will offer you “Tui Na”, and help you in its prevention and rehabilitation.


Why do I have backaches?

Strain, degeneration, improper posture, rheumatism are some of the causes. It is a common complaint for desk-bound personnel who are stuck in a certain back posture.

How can I prevent back problems?

Regular exercise helps. We have specialists who will offer you “Tui Na”, and help you in its prevention and rehabilitation.

What are the consequences if I do not treat it?

If there is impingement of nerves, it may result in numbness or even paralysis of legs.

Lower limbs

Why do the elderly have knee problems?

Most are due to prolonged wear and tear. Many suffered eternal injuries to the knee joint, and when left untreated, the knee undergoes inflammation and swelling, leading to degeneration, rheumatism and chronic pain.

How can I prevent knee problems?

Warm-up before you exercise. Have a session of Tui Na after it. And be careful of your body posture.

Will foot reflexology help?

Foot reflexology helps in blood circulation, enhances body metabolism and relieves aches and fatigue.

Health Tips

How can I maintain good blood circulation?

Tui Na will help.

Any other way?

Herbal Steam Therapy will also help. It will also help in detoxification, weight loss and balance of the body’s physiology.

What kind of exercise should I do? And what tonics are beneficial?

Do aerobic exercises. This will also nourish your skin. It’s best if you can have a regular intake of Ruby Bird’s Nest- it is an excellent tonic for health and beauty.

Mr Lim, what is your personal health tip?

I have a footbath every night before I sleep. I then drink 2 glasses of water every morning before I exercise. This will help in my body metabolism and boost immunity. I take “Si Shen Fen” (a Chinese recipe of herbs) for breakfast, and wash it down with a concoction of fruit and herbs. With my emphasis on exercise and good sleep, I am looking to live to 101 yrs old! Hopefully, you will then get to read my book on 101 health tips!