Chien Chi Tow began in 1969 as a Martial Arts Institute. The company expanded its services over the years, and established itself as a premier Traditional Chinese Healthcare provider. With a trusted history of 51 years, and a workforce of more than 100 employees, it now serves its clients in the 7 outlets of Singapore.

Why are you called “Chien Chi Tow”?

The name reflects the company’s roots of pugilistic arts (“Chien” meaning “fist” and “Chi” meaning “weapon”).

What are the values of your company?

Chien Chi Tow seeks to provide the best healthcare for our clients. We do so by employing effective massage (“Tui Na”) techniques and upholding excellent service standards.

What is unique about Chien Chi Tow?

Having our roots in Martial Arts, we are able to leverage on Traditional Chinese philosophies. The knowledge, experience and skills harnessed then allow for effective healthcare through our “Tui Na”, Herbal Steam and medicinal therapies.  

What is the relationship between “Tui Na” and “Qi Gong”?

Sufficient strength and skill is absolutely necessary for effective “Tui Na”. Otherwise, the critical “Acupressure points” will not be stimulated, and the “Qi” flow in the body will not be relieved.  

Why is Chien Chi Tow “Tui Na” so effective?

Mr Lim Choon Huat is not only skilled in Chinese Martial Arts, but is thoroughly familiar with Chinese Tui Na. This unique combination forms the solid foundation of our practice. Couple this with the many years of experience, and Mr Lim has successfully formulated a highly effective system of techniques for all our Tui Na experts.

Can you tell me more about the Founder of Chien Chi Tow?

Gladly! Chien Chi Tow is the lifework of Mr Lim Choon Huat, who was trained in Chinese Martial Arts since young. He established his very own Pugilistic Institute at the tender age of 20, and had disciples from NTU (Nanyang Technological Institute) and NUS (National University of Singapore). He then frequented tertiary Healthcare institutions in China since the 80’s in his passionate pursuit of Chinese Medical care.

How did Chen Chi Tow progress to its current organization?

Its repertoire soon expanded from pugilistic arts to the manufacture of the medical ointment “Tjin Koo Lin”. From the 1980’s, a “Tui Na” healthcare arm is then added to the company. In 2001, Chien Chi Tow had another first in Singapore when it successfully introduced Herbal Steam Therapy. And in 2006, we progressed to the distribution of “Ruby Bird’s Nest”.